Nestled in Sector - 10, Dwarka, this 1,000 SQFT apartment was a makeover renovation, retaining the existing flooring and ceiling done by the previous owner.

The apartment was originally built in 1995 and came with its original finishings, including white laminate cabinetry, black granite countertops and white marble and green granite throughout.

The dramatic blue kitchen with shaker panel cabinets are contrasted with white laminate overheaad cabinetry. Clients old decorative items and new furniture designed by us with varying tones of marble can be found on countertops, table tops, giving the apartment an elevated aesthetic.

With the addition of the living room feature wall as well as beautiful traditional-profiled doors and casings that are polished in a classic teak finish, this interior design project meets the client's expectations.


3 BHK Apartment


Dwarka, Delhi


September 2019

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